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NPS Icon Packages


Our first offering to help you customize Depiction® Mapping Software, the NPS Based Icon Packages include the complete sets of pictographs used by the United States Department of Interior, National Park Service among others.  Also included are a few pictographs gathered from other public domain sources and a few derivations of public domain pictographs created by Russell Deffner.

Purchase the individual packages / categories or all of them from the Depiction® store.

The Icons
The Accessibility Package

The Accommodation and Services Package

The Danger, Emergency and Warning Package

The Miscellaneous Icon Package

The Recreation Icon Package

* Image not part of the Public Domain, NPS Pictograph set.
The image is either of another Public Domain image set or,
Work of Russell Deffner, contact us for more information.

Where do the icons install on my computer?

- If you use an installer, then by default the pictures will be placed in your ‘My Pictures’ folder on your hard drive, the installer will offer the option to install them elsewhere.


What type, size and color are the icons?

- All the images are PNG files, 300 x 300 pixels in a variety of color schemes.The standard color schemes are Black on White, White on Black, and White on Green.Some icons, mainly emergency icons, are of an alternative, appropriate color scheme(s) for their function.


How do I make them work with Depiction®?

- The images are designed to be used as alternative icons for existing elements or user created elements in Depiction® Mapping Software, to learn how visit the Depiction® website, use the built-in help documentation, or attend Depiction® University to become an expert at customizing the software for your needs.


How do I get a refund?

- You will need to request a refund from your place of purchase, RDC cannot issue you a refund.