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Recreation Add-on Software
If you are a current Depiction® User you probably know that it is an excellent tool for Emergency/Disaster Management.  The Recreation Add-on offers up a lighter side to the software.  Purchase and install the Add-on for 52 new elements based around outdoor and non-organized recreation.  The elements included in the Add-on are as follows:

So go ahead and use the Recreation Add-on to start planning your summer vacation or show off your local community’s recreation opportunities. To purchase the Add-on, visit the Depiction® Store.



Where do the elements install on my computer?

- By default the element DML files and their associated files will be placed inside your Depictionfolder(s) on your hard drive; the installer will allow you to change the file path if your copy of Depiction® Mapping Software is not installed in the default location. In order for Depiction® to recognize the new elements and interaction, the files must be installed within the Depiction resource folders, for example by default the file path in Windows Vista is C:\Program Files\Depiction Inc\Depiction 1.4


How will I know the Add-on was installed / how do I use the elements?

- After installing the Recreation Add-on the next time you launch the Depiction® application the elements, icons and interaction will load into the application. The elements will now be a part of your element library available in the Add Content menu, the icons will be available in your application resources and the interaction will be a part of your interaction library.


How do I get a refund?

- You will need to request a refund from your place of purchase, RDC cannot issue you a refund.