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Winter Recreation Add-on Software


If you have enjoyed depicting your summer recreation with the Recreation Add-on, then of course you’ll want to depict your winter recreation. Purchase and install the add-on for 24 new elements based around winter recreation. The elements included in the add-on are as follows:  


New point elements allow you to map locations like warming huts and back country access points. Import various modes of transportation line data, such as snowshoe and cross-country ski trails or quickly draw them yourself; including elements based on the North American Trail Rating System for colorizing difficulty. Of course areas can also be imported as terrain parks and tubing hills or drawn with the user drawn shape - freeform polygon tool. Two elements have behavior; the first is the Avalauncher Site. This element additionally requires an interaction (included) to simulate a potential target zone for conducting avalanche control operations. The Snowmaking Equipment element can be used to show the intended coverage from a snowgun or general area of snowmaking operations by entering properties for a simple arc calculation (direction, distance, and angle).


Use the Winter Recreation Add-on to create a map of your visit, or to plan the year round operations of a resort.

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Where do the elements install on my computer?

- By default the element DML files and their associated files will be placed inside your Depictionfolder(s) on your hard drive; the installer will allow you to change the file path if your copy of Depiction® Mapping Software is not installed in the default location. In order for Depiction® to recognize the new elements, icons, and interaction, the files must be installed within the Depiction resource folders, for example by default the file path in Windows Vista is C:\Program Files\Depiction Inc\Depiction 1.4


How will I know the Add-on was installed / how do I use the elements?

- After installing the Winter Recreation Add-on the next time you launch the Depiction® application the elements, icons and interaction will load into the application. The elements will now be a part of your element library available in the Add Content menu, the icons will be available in your application resources and the interaction will be a part of your interaction library.


How do I get a refund?

- You will need to request a refund from your place of purchase, RDC cannot issue you a refund.


Do I need to purchase the Recreation Add-on to use the Winter Recreation Add-on?

- No, the Winter Recreation Add-on can be used independently.  However, the Winter Recreation Add-on is designed as a supplement to the Recreation Add-on; the most commonly used recreation elements are included there and are not duplicated in the Winter Recreation Add-on.